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We’re highly integrated across the board, so don’t be surprised if you see some overlap here. Feel free to mix and match our services. (We do it all the time.) Not sure what to ask for? Send us a note, and we’ll point you in the right direction. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out anyway. We love a good challenge.


Website Support

Websites aren’t born great. They grow great. Our dedicated team provides monthly support and optimization for development and creative needs in an ongoing capacity.

  • Support
  • Maintenance 
  • Optimization 

Website Develpment

Work with the best engineers in the room — no matter what room you’re in. Our engineers are writing and discovering the future of digital excellence.

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Content Management

Graphic Design Services

As every therapist says, communication is key. The same applies to your brand. Get your marketing plan in motion.

  • Business Cards
  • Custom Logo
  • Flyers and Banners

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

The cost of a website can vary depending on numerous factors, just like the cost of a car or home. If you’re interested, we have website packages listed above for your convenience.

Depending on what website package you choose and how much content there is, it could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. It’s always best to provide us with all the content that your website needs as soon as possible.

Yes. With any website package you purchase, you can always upgrade it. The price of the upgrade will be the difference from what you previous paid (website only) to what package you would like to upgrade to. Do know that it is always best to let us know ahead of time if you do plan on upgrading your website to ensure a faster upgrade process. The website package that is to be upgraded must be for the same type of website / website business. For example, you cannot first have a basic or advanced website package for a dog grooming business and then decide to upgrade to an e-commerce site selling t-shirts for a side business that has nothing to do with your dog grooming business. Some exclusions apply.

No. As long as you know what you would like to have on your site, we can use placeholder content in the meantime.

Web hosting is a must if you have a website, otherwise your site wouldn’t be available online.

You do have the option to go elsewhere to purchase web hosting, but we’ll need access to your server to upload the completed website and also to address any maintenance. Do know that it does make it difficult if problems arise on your website due to conflicts with how your server is setup.

There are times when your website will need an upgraded web hosting package. This could be due to needing more hard drive space, monthly bandwidth, FTP accounts, etc. If you need to upgrade during your annual web hosting, we’ll just have you pay the difference for the rest of that year that you purchased the web hosting. When it comes time to renew your web hosting, you will then pay the new upgraded web hosting package.

Our answer is typically no, but you should still contact us to discuss exactly what it is you need. It’s actually cheaper and less of a headache to start fresh than it is to update or complete an exisiting website.

Mobile-Responsive, mobile-friendly or responsive design is a technique used to create a website that will work and function nicely on desktop, tablet and mobile. Instead of having multiple versions of the same site for different devices, it’s one single site that dynamically changes its layout and styling.

Yes. Space Studios exclusively uses WordPress, which is the leading CMS currently in use on the internet. However, for our Basic Site Web Design Package, we use custom-coded files to ensure a budget-friendly experience.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) software that allows you to manage and edit the text and images on your website. It’s open-sourced and community developed, meaning anyone is free to build their website on top of the software.

Yes. A lot of design companies won’t mention recurring costs until it’s too late. At the least, you will need to pay for web hosting, annual domain name registration, domain privacy (if needed), and an annual trusted CA signed SSL certificate (if needed).

Space Studios offers web hosting services to its clients along with an SSL certificate.

Domain name registration and domain privacy are not handled by us. It’s easier for a client to purchase those separately as they own and control their domain name. However, we do offer assistance when trying to purchase a domain name.

Contact us immediately. If your site is hosted with us, we can almost always resolve the issue within a reasonable amount of time.

If you’re hosted with a third-party, it’s more difficult to address what the issue is and in some cases could be on their end. In any case, we’ll try to find out what went wrong and let you know.

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